Please see below a competition Rule that will be implemented until December 2022. An updated rule book will be sent out before the beginning of the 2023 competition season.

Following concerns about licensed balls and markings in regards to Rule 5.2, paragraph 6 which states: ‘There must not be any markings on or across a seam, so that the seam can still be seen and inspected. There must not be any markings over the approved manufacturer or approved BISFed logo’, we are implementing the “Competition Rule” that only says: “All seams, the manufacturer logo and the BISFed logo must be visible and identifiable” (as written in Rule 5.2, paragraph 1). This Competition Rule will be in place for the World Cup in Bahrain 2022, and the World Championships in Rio 2022.

Balls that have been marked over seams or logos (initials, arrows, lines, dots, numbers…) will be permitted for competition, so long as the seams and logos remain “visible and identifiable” and provided they pass the other required ball checks.

This and other BISFed Competition Rules V2.0 clarifications can be found here.

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