Our Committees

The Committees

advising on the following key areas
Committee membership has been designed to provide a mix of experience and geographical representation.

Referees Committee

Pam Johnston (Chair), Jennifer Larson (Vice Chair), Eleni Liloglou, David Leung, Alexsandro Lautherbach, Lucy Bates, Richard Evans.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Development pathway, education and accreditation for referees
  2. Making recommendations on referees for competitions

Eileen Bartlett (Chair), Anita Laszlo, Chew Zi Qun, Michaela Rihackova, Samuel Andrejcik, André Tavares, Scott Martin, Reem Sobhy Shaheen, Kathy Brinker, Peter Hornig, Juliana Von Cramon.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Athletes pathway from grass roots to elite
  2. Coach education system

Development COMMITTEE

Competition and Rules Committee

Joep Pelsser (Chair),  Lee Hae Jeong, Marco Dispaltro, Ken Poon, Greg Polychronidis, Sandra Monteiro, Martina Kincesova, Glynn Tromans, Charles Hordenneau, Maria Valdes .

Responsibilities include:

  1. Boccia rules
  2. Competition system (including competition manual)
  3. Bid process
  4. Technical Delegate recommendations for competitions
  5. World ranking system

Dr Marcelo Patricio (Chair)

Responsibilities include:

  1. Anti-doping rules
  2. Competition / out of competition testing
  3. Education (eg, WADA guidelines

Anti-Doping Committee

Classification Committee

Marali Olen (Chair), Shail Maharaj, Dawn Ibrahim, Jordan Chi Hang Liu, Ana Moreira, Jorge Parra, Vivian Shieh, Ali Lalani.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Classification rules
  2. Classifier education
  3. Classifier recommendations for competitions

Marta Mascarenhas (Chair), Romuald Schmidt, Erinaldo Chagas

Responsibilities include:

  1. Define the bidding procedure

  2. Evaluate bids received

  3. Review competition reports

  4. Recommend Technical Delegate appointment

  5. Revise Host organiser contracts

  6. Update Competition Pathway

Bids Committee

Athletes Committee

Daniel Michel (Chair), Grigorios Polychronidis (vice-Chair), Kwan Hang Wong, Stephania Ferrando, Michaela Balcova, Mohamed Liakath Aziz

Responsibilities include:

1. To seek athletes’ opinion on issues of major importance in Boccia through as wide a network
of enquiry as possible.
2. To keep BISFed regularly informed of athletes’ opinion on issues of major importance.
3. To report to BISFed on organisational issues that may arise in connection with athlete
participation and safety at the different competitions organised under BISFed.
4. To provide opinions on specific issues of athlete interest that may be entrusted to it by BISFed.
5. To be the link between active athletes and BISFed.
6. To communicate and consult with other Committees where appropriate.
7. To promote and foster the worldwide development of Boccia.
8. To attend or host athletes’ meetings during major BISFed-sanctioned competitions.

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