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Updated on 20-01-2022
A new and improved World Boccia Rankings website is under construction. For now, please consult the below PDF versions.

Due to the pandemic and the lack of competitions in 2020 and most of 2021, a transition plan for the World Boccia Rankings was put in place by the Competitions Committee as follows:

1. Create end of Tokyo quadrennial ranking list

• Remove 2018 World Championship
• Add 2020 Paralympic Games

2. Adjust world ranking lists for start of Paris quadrennial – this is the list used to seed/draw pools at Regional Championships

• Remove all 2018 results (e.g. World Open, Regional Open)
• Split individual lists in to male and female lists
• In the split lists, athletes retain the points earned from previous events and there is no recalculation of points, including for Paralympic Games
• For example, if the first placed female athlete at an event in 2019 finished in 3rd place, then the points earned for 3rd are carried forward and not recalculated
• After the Regional Championships take place in 2021, these are added and the 2019 Regional Championship results are removed

3. Adjust world ranking lists during 2022

• As events take place in 2022, the equivalent event from 2019 is removed/replaced
• If there is not a direct equivalent, then their 2022 result replaces their highest 2019 result
• By last World Boccia Cup or World Boccia Challenger of 2022, all 2019 results to be removed
• Complete update at 2022 World Championships, by replacing the Paralympic Games with the WCh results
• From end of December 2022 only results from 2021/2022 would be eligible for ranking and we return to the system advised in the competition & ranking manual

World Ranking - 31st December 2021
Apologies, the World ranking lists published on 20-01-2022 were not accurate. We are currently working on solving the issue and will publish the correct lists as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
2021-2024 Start Rankings
Updated on 26-10-2021
2016-2020 Final Rankings
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