About World Boccia

World Boccia will be the brand we use at all our future competitions and has been designed to reflect the growing importance of our sport. The brand aims to build on our heritage and to identify more clearly the sport we play and the level at which we play it.

The Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) will continue to be the International Federation responsible for governing Boccia and for representing the sport on the global stage.

Our corporate objectives

World Boccia has been established with five main objectives
To promote, enhance and support Boccia as a sport for all people and to help promote its activities
To govern the sport of Boccia internationally through, inter alia, a set of rules, a classification system and an international competition structure

To promote Boccia amongst those who make decisions that directly affect the sport

To promote and represent the interests of the members of the Federation, and on their behalf to undertake lobbying and similar activities

To create a network of Members and individuals which encourages contact and exchange of ideas and experience regarding the sport of Boccia


Boccia - the sport for everyone
“Our vision is to proactively facilitate appropriate opportunities for elite level competition, preserving the current paralympic pathway for athletes with high support needs, whilst also supporting growth, development and a greater awareness of boccia by being inclusive, progressive and accessible to all”

The Board

Is responsible for the management of the Federation’s business, for which purpose it may exercise all the powers of the Federation.

Click below to meet the elected Members of The Board

Strategic Plan

The World Boccia Strategy Focuses on a Small Number of Priorities

Leadership and Governance

Effective sports governance requires strong leadership, integrity and good judgement. This in turn will lead to better decision-making and increased transparency and accountability.

Sport Development

High quality pathways, structures and processes are critical to the growth of the sport and will provide the opportunity for athletes to achieve to the best of their ability. A vibrant international competition structure is essential to the growth of the sport.

Marketing and Promotion

The increased exposure of Boccia to the wider global community presents opportunities for developing commercial relationships for the benefit of the sport.

People Development

Sustainable growth of the sport will continue to depend on its network of people (most of whom are volunteers), working together to support development and provide elite competition opportunities.

Our Members

National organisations recognised as having the responsibility for the sport of Boccia within their countries. Full Members are expected to maintain affiliation with their country’s National Paralympic Committee and are eligible to host the major international Boccia competitions which are sanctioned by BISFed. Full Members have voting rights, and only one organisation per country may become a Full Member. 

Check out our Members list and join the amazing World Boccia Community.

Our Committees

World Boccia has established committees to advise on the following key areas


Pam Johnston (Chair), Jennifer Larson (Vice Chair), Teresa Calverol, Eleni Liloglou, David Leung, Alexsandro Lautherbach.


Heather Lowden (Chair),Anita Laszlo, Michaela Rihackova, Eileen Bartlett, Scott Martin, Said LAMRINI.

Competitions and Rules

Gary Vander Vies (Chair), Joep Pelsser (Vice Chair, Competitions), Lee Hae Jeong, Marco Dispaltro, Chris Wagg, Ken Poon, Greg Polychronidis, Itzik Azoulay, Sandra Monteiro, Martina Kincesova.


Dr Jaime Antunes (Chair)


Elsa Matthee (Chair), Shail Maharaj  (Vice Chair), Dawn Ibrahim, Jordan Chi Hang Liu, Ana Moreira, Jorge Parra.


Jon Morgan (Chair), Marta Mascarenhas and Dina Sotiriadi

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