The Tokyo 2020 Boccia competition ended on the 4th September at an extraordinary Games in extraordinary times. There were very few spectators in the venue which may have dampened the atmosphere compared to the Games in Rio2016, however the athletes enthusiasm and quality of play was at an all time high and so were the efforts put in by all involved in the organisation.

A TV commentator perfectly described the skills needed by the Boccia athletes. “…This unique sport requires the accuracy of a target shooter; the bravery and control of a Formula 1 driver taking Eau Rouge at 190 miles per hour and the strategic thinking of a Grand Master”.

This quality will for sure have been felt by spectators around the world. For the first time 51 matches were broadcast live to the world through the host broadcasters and on the World Boccia Facebook page, geo-block permitting.

Tokyo 2020 Individual competition results

Gold – SMITH David (GBR)
Silver – WEI LUN Chew (MAS)
Bronze – de OLIVEIRA Jose Carlos Chagas (BRA)

Gold – SUGIMURA Hidetaka (JPN)
Silver – VONGSA Watcharaphon (THA)
Bronze – SANTOS Maciel (BRA)

Gold – PESKA Adam (CZE) / Assistant: PESKOVA Ivana
Silver – POLYCHRONIDIS Grigorios (GRE) / Assistant: PATRONI Aikaterini
Bronze – MICHEL Daniel (AUS) / Assistant: McCLURE Ash

Gold – ANDREJCIK Samuel (SVK)
Silver – LARPYEN Pornchok (THA)
Bronze – LEUNG Yuk Wing (HKG)

Tokyo 2020 Teams & Pairs Results

Pairs BC3
Gold – Republic of Korea – JEONG Howon / Sport Assistant: LEE Moonyoung, KIM Hansoo / Sport Assistant: YOON Chuja & CHOI Yejin / Sport Assistant: MOON Woo Young
Silver – Japan – KAWAMOTO Keisuke / Sport Assistant: KAWAMOTO Sachiyo, TAKAHASHI Kazuki / Sport Assistant: TAODA Yushiroh & TANAKA Keiko / Sport Assistant: TANAKA Takako
Bronze – Greece – POLYCHRONIDIS Grigorios / Sport Assistant: PATRONI Aikaterini, NTENTA Anna / Sport Assistant: NTENTA Christina & PYRGIOTIS Anastasia / Sport Assistant: PYRGIOTIS Ioannis

Pairs BC4
Gold – Slovakia – ANDREJCIK Samuel, BALCOVA Michaela & STREHARSKY Martin
Silver – Hong Kong – LAU Wai Yan Vivian, LEUNG Yuk Wing & WONG Kwan Hang
Bronze – RPC – ADONINA Daria, SAFIN Sergey & FROLOV Ivan

Team BC1/BC2
Gold – Thailand – HUADPRADIT Witsanu, TIPMANEE Subin, VONGSA Watcharaphon & SAENGAMPA Worawut
Silver – China – ZHANG Qi, YAN Zhiqiang & LAN Zhijian
Bronze – Japan – NAKAMURA Takumi, HIROSE Takayuki, SUGIMURA Hidetaka & FUJII Yuriko

Medal tally by country in Tokyo:

Slovakia 2
Czech Republic1
Great Britain1
Hong Kong11

Here is a comparison of participation and results at the Rio2016 and Tokyo 2020 Games:

  1. 25 competing countries (2 more than in Rio2016). 114 athletes (8 more than in Rio). Of these, 73 men (same as Rio) and 41 women – in Rio there were 33.
  2. Amongst the 25 participating countries only 5 (20%) managed to qualify the maximum number of athletes permitted by the regulations (10 athletes).
  3. Of the 25 participating countries, 13 medalled (52%). In Rio, 10 countries out of 23 medalled (43,47%).
  4. In Tokyo the maximum number of medals a country won was 3 for Japan and Thailand. In Rio the maximum was 5 for Thailand and 3 for Korea.
  5. The 7 available Gold medals were divided amongst 6 countries in both Rio and Tokyo, with Slovakia winning 2 in Tokyo and Thailand 2 in Rio.
  6. Only Thailand won 2 Silvers in Tokyo, whereas all in Rio were won by different countries.
  7. Only Brazil won 2 Bronze medals in Tokyo whereas both Thailand and Portugal won 2 Bronze medals each in Rio.
  8. Amongst the countries medalling in Tokyo and Rio, 5 were from Europe. In Tokyo, 7 were from Asia and Oceania and in Rio 4.
  9. Only Brazil from the Americas medalled in both Rio and Tokyo.
  10. These 4 countries medalled in Tokyo but not in Rio: China, Australia, Russia and the Czech Republic.
  11. 2 countries had the same results in Rio and Tokyo: Great Britain and Greece.
  12. Portugal and Holland medalled in Rio but did not medal in Tokyo.
  13. Only Japan and Slovakia improved their performances in Tokyo in comparison to Rio.

Enjoy the Boccia daily Highlights once again:

Day 1 – August 28
Day 2 – August 29
Day 3 – August 30
Day 4 – August 31
Day 5 – September 1
Day 6 – September 2
Day 7 – September 3
Day 8 – September 4

Preparations have started for the Paris 2024 competition. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you Tokyo!

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