We’ve put together some key numbers for the new automated World Rankings:

  • 1 – Rankings will be updated with the results from events 1 day after the end of the event.
  • 12 – Months after the end date of an event the ranking points will decay.
  • 14 – Days before the first day of competition at an event that the rankings will be taken.
  • 24 – Months after the end date of an event until the points are completely removed from an athlete.

What does this mean?

This means that the rankings list will be continually updating and that athletes ranking positions will continually rise and fall as the season progresses. Whilst taking the athletes ranking 14 days prior to an event may mean that the rankings list on the website might doesn’t reflect the athletes true ranking at the time of an event, this is required to ensure our Technical Delegates can prepare.

We’ll provide a full list of dates that will be used for competition rankings and will publish these shortly. We’re also working with our technology partners to make it easier for you to filter on our new automated world rankings… WATCH THIS SPACE!

For full information, read the BISFed Competition & Ranking Manual.

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