The BISFed Rules Committee is pleased to publish the updated BISFed International Boccia Rules (2017 v1) for immediate use. Following wide consultation with Members during 2016, the Committee has undertaken an extensive review of the Rules.

The main changes are to:

  • Take account of many of the suggestions made by Members (see the summary list of changes below):
  • Revise the procedures for testing boccia balls for competition play;
  • Make editorial changes where there were inconsistencies, duplications or lack of clarity as to what was intended in a Rule.

The Committee welcomes constructive feedback on the Rules and will undertake a further review at the end of 2017 using the experience of implementing the Rules in competition during 2017 and based on feedback from Members.


Summary of key Rule changes

  • The rules are written in chronological order
  • Photography – is covered in the preamble
  • Definitions have been clarified
  • Pairs and Team Play
    • Time outs for Medical and Technical reasons only.
    • Coaches may return balls to athletes in Team and Pairs
    • Maximum of one minute between ends. (for all Divisions)
  • Sport Assistant rules grouped together
  • Gloves, splints, etc must be approved by Classifiers and declared at equipment check
  • Court tape size adjusted to allow for 0.75 and 1 inch tape
  • Ball Testing: The ‘Drop’ test is replaced by a ‘Roll Test’
  • No levels permitted for ramps
  • No pointer length restrictions
  • Ramp must be moved after Jack is presented
    • Not required to swing ramp between other throws
  • For BC3s only there is no restriction on wheelchair seat height
  • Penalty applies to all violations, including when the Jack is thrown
  • No penalty for cheering at end of match, or penalty throws
  • Athletes who can only lie on their abdomen may participate with approval from Classification
  • Equidistant balls. You make it – you break it. (first chance to do so)
  • Balls thrown at the same time are retracted
  • Athletes may NOT go into opponents’ boxes to prepare their shot
    • May NOT go behind the throwing boxes.
    • BC3 may use this corridor only to enter the playing area (other divisions enter the court via the front)
    • Athletes MUST reorient the ramp when they or their teammate returns from the playing area
  • Teammate(s) must be in their own box when athlete releases the ball
  • Penalty ball violations –  one penalty ball thrown at a new target box around the cross
  • A Red Card equals an immediate Disqualification
  • Communication devices are allowed in Call room. If required on FOP, they must be approved during equipment check.
  • Appendices
    • Signal for equidistant balls – in Referee gestures
    • Court Layout updated
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