The mascots for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games have been unveiled this week.The mascots, yet to be named, were joined by mascots from previous games as they were unveiled. Fans can help chose their names by voting online at The choices are Oba and Eba, Tiba Turque and Esquindim or Vinicius and Tom with the winning names set to be announced on the 14th December.

The mascots have been created by Birdo Produções,a prestigious São Paulo-based design company. The Olympic mascot represents all of the different animals in Brazil. He combines the agility of cats, the sway of monkeys and the grace of birds. He can stretch his arms and legs as much as he wants. The Paralympic mascot is a fusion of plants found in Brazilian forests. He is energised by photosynthesis and can pull any object from his head of leaves. He is always growing and overcoming obstacles.

Both mascots have their own Facebook and Twitter profiles and even have their own dedicated website with fun activities for children.

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