Female quotas at BISFed-sanctioned boccia Competitions

In September 2017, BISFed indicated the following: “The female quota will not apply to Regional Opens in 2018, 2019 and 2020; however, participating countries are encouraged to consider including more females at Regional Opens. In addition, females who are entered in BISFed-sanctioned competitions from 2019 will be required to play in a minimum number of ends per match. The precise requirements will be announced in due course.”

The requirements regarding female participation in BISFed-sanctioned events from 2019 will be:

For all World Opens, Regional Championships and the 2020 Paralympic Games, the female quota will be as follows: Each Team and Pair must include at least one female athlete, and at least one female athlete must play a minimum of one end in each match. Failure to comply with the female quota will result in that match being forfeited.

For any questions please contact Dominique Tremblay at [email protected]

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