Dear BISFed members:

We, the BISFed Rules Committee, are very grateful for all your responses in regards to the rules updates. Thank YOU so very much! Your comments help to improve the sport for everyone. Your comments also indicate the passion and dedication you have for Boccia.

We have spent the last several weeks going over the material you sent in and have updated the Rules based on your input. Several topics were raised with three major areas receiving the most attention.
  1. Penalty throw at the target box. Some asked if the target box could be made bigger. Some requests were for a different size depending on Division. Many athletes indicated their success rate in hitting the target box has increased greatly over the past year. We have agreed to leave the target box the same size and monitor the success rate more closely for the next three years. After Paralympics 2020 we will reassess this topic.
    • Could we consider going back to the previous 2 ball penalty throw? It was argued that there could be a much bigger point swing that would be advantageous to the penalty ball thrower. Upon further discussion, most athletes admitted they would rather not be on the side that would have this go against them, especially for a relatively minor offence (shoelace or fallen jacket touching the line). The one ball penalty throw at the target box remains.
  2. Swinging the ramp. The consequence for not swinging the ramp is now a retraction only. The ramp must be swung prior to throwing the Jack; when the athlete or teammate returns from the playing area; for tiebreak ends; and for penalty throws.
    • The consequence is a retraction only.
  3. Yellow Card and Red Cards. Receiving a 2nd and any subsequent yellow card bars the individual from continuing the current match. He/she is still eligible to participate in any future matches in the same competition.
    • Two yellow cards does not earn a red card.
    • A red card will be shown for severe offences only.
    • A red card disqualifies the individual immediately and for the rest of that competition.
    • A DQ is given with all red cards.

We made wording changes in the Rule book to clarify issues that were raised throughout the past year and from the comments we received from you.

  1. Definitions were added. Particularly “Tournament” and “Competition”
  2. To have an athlete who has CP be on court for Pair BC3 is no longer a requirement.
  3. Confiscated “Extra Balls” may be reclaimed for a later competition at the same tournament.
  4. Referees will call “15 seconds” (instead of at 10 seconds) during the one minute between ends.
  5. Athletes and their own SA’s are considered a single unit concerning violations.



The updates are highlighted in RED in the v3 of the rules.

There will be no more revisions for this quadrennial.

My personal and sincere apologies to all the translators that help keep the rules current.
“I am Sorry! I know it is a huge task to translate these rules. I appreciate your involvement and dedication. THANK YOU!”

Gary Vander Vies
BSFed Rules and Competition Chair
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