Hello fellow Boccia enthusiasts!  The BISFed Rules Committee has the goal of ensuring that ALL the Boccia Rules are fair and equitable for ALL Boccia participants.

The Rules Committee consists of three members plus the chairperson.

Each committee member is a representative for a specific group:

Any questions, or Rule change requests that you have will be posted here in our public forum for discussion. For clarity we would like to keep each question or topic separate in it’s own stream, so if you have a rule request please forward it to your representative, and we will ensure the request is placed onto the forum in an organized manner, and hopefully we can keep all the comments collected together.  If after discussion, any requests do not have a clear answer one way or the other, we may call for a vote in which you would submit your vote to your own representative.

Rule changes occur once every four years – immediately following the Paralympics. We would like to have all discussions completed long before that so that the updated Rules can be published very early into the new quadrennial cycle.

So, again, if you have rule changes you want to have considered, now is the time to submit them to your representative. Please start each query with the rule number, to help keep everything organized. Keep in mind that some of the requests will be similar, so your exact question might not appear.

Gary Vander Vies
Rules Committee Chair

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