With 2 years to go until the Olympic and Paralympic Games the Look of the Games has been reveiled.

  • The inspirations for Rio 2016 scenario were Brazil, Brazilians and Rio de Janeiro
  • The Look of the Games is created by Rio 2016 design and brand management team

The Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games launched the look of the Games on Tuesday 5 August, exactly two years before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio.

Inspired by Brazil, Brazilians and Rio de Janeiro, the look is multicolored and vibrant as the harmonic diversity of our people. The look is organic and engaging like an embrace, inspired by our lush nature and human warmth. It brings fluid and energetic features, like our art, our identity.

Rio de Janeiro is present in the look through its icons, which reflect the diversity of Brazil, captured by the imagination of every tourist. Rio transforms and engages because it is an awe-inspiring city, the crossing point of several “cultural streams” that circulate throughout Brazil, mingle, are reinvented and flow out to the city to the world.

The look decorates and enhances all sports facilities and the city, in addition to appearing on tickets, uniforms, credentials, licensed products, stores and more, creating a festive atmosphere and a unique experience, turning the Games into a memorable event.

“The Rio 2016 Games will be a Games for all, a memorable celebration only we know how to offer. The starting point for the Look scenario was the Rio 2016 brands, the essence of passion and transformation, values ​​and attributes”, explains Beth Lula, Brand Director of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The look of Rio 2016 was developed by the Committee’s brand design and management team during more than one year of work. The team created more than five projects before getting to the final version. The idea was to think of every detail and then create the whole visual identity. Its development required studies on the Brazilian historical-cultural aspects and identity, as well as photographic immersion in Rio landscapes for research on its visual references.

As the Olympic football competitions will be held in 4 other cities: Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Brasília and Salvador, their icons will be also represented in the Rio 2016 Look of the Games.

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